Sunday, September 17, 2017

With Your Stereo On - for Trey Garcia

I hope you went out with your stereo on,
all speakers blaring,
maybe Just Like Heaven,
or How Soon is Now?

Dancing in the Dark,
to a Driving Song,
Like Jerry, Was a Race Car Driver
that gave you one real last moment
of Radar Love.

I hope you went out Lost in Emotion,
singing the Soundtrack 2 My Life,
maybe halfway through crooning
the Morrissey chorus, "Oh, Sing your life,
The things that you love."

Getting some Blue Peterschnitzel,
Under Your Skin,
or putting on your Winking Shoes,
with a bootleg copy of De Schmog
somehow streaming to your dash.

I hope you went out to some Bedrock Anthem,
as you were one of mine,
in Guyliner,
mutually crushing on Flannery O' Connor with me,
because A Good Man is Hard to Find,
but you were One,
and since Everything that Rises Must Converge,
I know We'll Meet Again.

Til then,
I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo,
And just like Tricky,
We Don't Die,
I'll  just go out,
with my stereo on.
Trey Garcia, and I. Photographed by Carrie. Unorganized Asshole Punks for life.

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