Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Now i Know (21)

Love's a gamble,
i take my chances,
i place my bets,
only insurance is
the house
deals regrets
win or lose
take the bruise
next time choose
which casino.

Every love-death knell
blows like iron bellows
belting over all my mettles
he's the fellow
got me
always hittin' hope,
even two on the rope,
countin' on the ace
of hearts
in every hand.

The lights draw me in.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Ode to #PRIDE

Sonnet to our enGendered empathy,
My blonde scar of woods where no wise men go,
Starred by Brokeback Mountain mole, scary,
Tender to moguls skied by fleshy snow,

The soul of my body will only know.
Some naval-gazing is necessary,
If then acceptance must weather and grow,
Thus I plant the first seeds of empathy.
Myself a song of hidden skin, wary,
Of righteous face of public governance,
Through points unnecessarily hairy,
Braving new bruises to marching cadence.

My histrionics to sew empathy,
Strong thread our compassionate symphony.

PUBLIC SERVICE WARNING: This has been a modern attempt at a Spenserian Sonnet (14 lines long, 10 syllables per line, in ABAB BCBC CDCD EE rhyming scheme). If this had been an actual time warp, you would have felt even more really it wasn't so bad. Try more sonnets, #BeMightyWrite, before criticizing.

All double-entendre and symbolisms fully intended! 

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