Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Poetry for the masses...

You can find a collection of all of my poetry for sale now on Amazon for less than it costs to buy a thimble full of coffee at your favorite coffee shop.
Buy the book here.


The Nightshade Lexicon $0.99 (Yes, that is 99 cents!)

A complete book of worthless poetry for the common hominid. Even the kids are bound to enjoy a madcap line or forty-two! Good on a rainy night or with fried goat. Please do not pickle. No harm was caused to trolls, vampires, warlocks, demons, angels, pixies, or even parasites during the production of this poetry. Thanks for reading, and welcome to the nightshade lexicon...speaking a dead tongue in tiredly hopeful ears right now at one low price!
For those of you without a Kindle device, please note that you can download a free Kindle reading app for your laptop, computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device and read any Kindle book that way too. For those of you who wish to read in the tub or swimming pool, freezer-style zip-lock baggies are a great waterproof covering for your e-reader of choice.

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