Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A poem dedicated to those heroic enough to coach and mentor others.

First Coach First

Hector, the Specter, PiƱa colada
You are man enough
To let a bunch of little girls
Make a sing-song rhyme
Of your name.

You are man enough
To stand on the third-base line,
Toes pointed in,
Arms out like a kite
Flapping like a bird,
Signing pint-sized kids
To relax and swing away.

You are man enough
To show what good leadership
Really looks like,
A soft-spoken smile well-heard.

You are man enough
To be humble 
and coach first base first,
because that is where kids
must learn to run

You are man enough
To care only about teamwork
And sportsmanship.
Trusting that these make winning records,
and letting others take credit
for your leadership.

You are man enough
To shape coal into a softball diamond,
Encouraging more than one All-American
Girl All-star to bloom.

But most of all,
You are man enough
To inspire people.

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