Friday, May 29, 2015

Love Never Dies, a tribute to children taken too soon.

My friend, Mr. David Wright, wrote this poem in tribute to two young children who died in a tragic house fire in La Porte, Texas last Sunday.  I wish their family and friends all the love, time, and support they need to heal.

"Love Never Dies"
This can't be real, It isn't just denial.
I can still hear you laughing, I can still see your smile.
There's no way you can be gone, you were just right there.
This morning I hear birds singing, I see the wind in your hair.

How can this happen to such precious little souls
To never fulfill their dreams, to never reach their goals.
Like a thief in the night You tore our lives apart.
Left our community weeping, and full of broken hearts.

Just give me one more chance to roll back the hands of time.
Get me up so I can get them out then everything would be just fine.
Please give them back, they deserve so many more years.
It would be so easy to mend the broken hearts, and wipe away all these tears.

Today is weighing heavy, I'm not sure I can last.
Trying to fight back the tears, but my strength is fading fast.
I turn to go to work, but sorrow replaces my cares.
Overwhelmed by the vision of a charred home, Balloons and Teddy Bears.

God has called two angels to be with Him in a better place.
Our lives must move on, but we will never forget your face.
There will be many long days "without you my friend."
"And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again."
-David L. Wright, Jr.
Simper Fidelis

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