Saturday, December 9, 2017

Bigly, Badly Big

The Bigly, the Badly Big, the Few.

We didn't:
                Mix up our facts
to counter attacks,
               Claim sorted details
sordid allusions,
               Stoop to gaslight
even when right,
              Or call out mansplain
to flex our might.

We didn't:             
                Strawman evidence
to get our two cents,
               Gild our grit
to prove we were fit,
               Pimp pride
to improve our own ride,
              Or give in
when first heard
                          was first served.

We kept:
              What tested true
like being kind,
              Trusting time would find,
Karma soon behind,
              Cleaning the mess
we could confess,
             Knowing joyful persistence
a better resistance.

We kept:
              Keeping on
being bigger,
              Working around
to gain common ground,
              Saving all agreed
and disagreed.

We stayed:
                  Sleeping well
through the night,
                  Without losing
our light.

We were:
               Too big,
too bad,
               Too beautifully ugly
to washout,
               In the absurd

Were we,
               too few?
Alone on some big, bad steps in DC.



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