Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My novel, A Walk Away, goes on sale soon.

Give me some feedback?  Would you read the book if you saw this synopsis on the back of this cover?

A Walk Away

      Katrina Reese worked her way through a dozen crappy park service jobs to earn her dream spot as an ecologist at Acadia National Park. She contributes to the world every day in a way she considers meaningful and rewarding, but she’s not sure she’s capable of really loving anyone without losing her sense of self—without losing the courage that kept her together since she weathered the death of her mother as a small child and her father’s subsequent depression. In thirty-odd years, Kat has yet to find a man worth loving enough to give up her love of independence and wilderness. 
     Rand Marshall sold her soul to the devil to start up a consulting company in Houston’s oil sector, or at least that is what she supposes her family believes. But doing the things her parents feared she shouldn't has given her and many other families a good life—even if she’s never managed to find an equal partner to share it. Forced into taking a vacation after a decade of business building, Rand finally has enough time to think about what she values for herself, and how to be happy independent of other people’s, even family members’, judgments.

     Kat and Rand’s daily worlds are 2,100 miles apart, but something about their meeting on the magical shores of the nation’s oldest national park east of the Mississippi sparks questions that neither woman can just walk away without answering. Sometimes chance brings you to the right person to help you resolve some of your baggage, and you learn to like yourself a little more. Kat and Rand are smart enough to recognize this chance in each other, but they also find that there is a catch to every opportunity—walking toward something is always walking away from something else.

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