Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This poem brought to you by technical difficulties, free of charge.


Our break up, our crack up, our disaster,
Brought to the public live in High Definition.
Stark relief in a fielded ground
All about how we came unwound.
Technicolor ignominy from prologue to epilogue
Multi-simul-cast globally in High Definition.

Our end, our demise, our tragedy,
Rendered faithlessly in High Definition.
Flack included in surround sound
All about how we came unwound.
Sometimes definition does nothing for visibility,
like a mirror that can’t see right, High Definition
and self-propagating
our bad dispositions,
our downfall

Let’s let this sleeping log lie,
You and me,
Let’s go out of HD.
I'll buy you a drink,
and we'll not
see ourselves sink.

Here the technopoetry version for free on SoundCloud too:

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