Friday, November 20, 2015

Nobody gets naked like numbers.

Let's Be Additive

Obsess a little
over me.
Maybe we’re the kind of algorithm most folks miss
until we’re smack against the windshield
teeth bared, dragon breathing,
strangely whole but startled mean,
Lonely as a prime number.

You could be different though.
We could know from the start.

Chalk me up
on your black-boarded heart.
We’ll be the kind of laden formulas most folks hiss
beneath their breath to the sweeper after class,
wild-haired, crazy-genius,
oddly sound theory.
A noble prize
in our arms.

We could be similar proofs.
We could equate.

Talk to me in your square roots.
For you, I’ll grow exponential,
sine and cosine.
This compulsion
doesn’t have to be all mine.

Love is factorial.

Let's be additive.

You plus me

to infinity.

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