Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The technical definition of a miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws,
but I've had a major beef with this definition
since I started speaking.
A miracle is magic.
A miracle is enchanting--
irrespective of my ability or inability to explain it.
I can explain to you how grass grows,
why the sky is blue,
the neural development of an embryo,
and many other miraculous wonders of the world.
That doesn't make them less of a miracle to me.
In fact,
knowing how something works makes it more of a miracle to me --
like learning how a black hole forms or a star is born --
there are so many complexities
 that must occur within precise boundaries
to create something
that can be seen from even one point
 in the universe.
And besides,
knowing how
doesn't reveal why
something happens.
I think a better definition
of a miracle
is an unexpected wondrous or beautiful event,
or simply
an event
we appreciate
regardless of whether
we know how
or why it happens.

Sunsets are a miracle.
Every day.

A melody,
ringing the strings
on a guitar
built by hands
played by hands,
each composed of 28 bones,
each moved by 34 muscles,
as guided by an auditory system
dependent on billions of hairs
with hundreds of cilia
transducing the vibrations
of sound to our nerve fibers
in order to stir
one heart
a miracle.

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