Monday, December 28, 2015

The main characters of my book, A Walk Away, were interviewed.

See the full interview at the following link:

Here is my favorite snippet from the interview:
Diana:  If readers could learn one thing from your experiences, what do you want that to be?
Kat:  The toughest thing for me was learning to let myself be vulnerable. I didn’t want to burden anyone.  For so much of my life I thought that giving love was the greatest gift I had to grant anyone else, but I discovered that it is actually accepting others’ love, appreciating their right to share my burdens and joys, that is the greatest gift I have to give.
Rand:  If I could help everyone realize any one thing I think it would be that even not taking a risk is taking a risk–taking the risk of missing out on something.  Sometimes that is perfectly justified, if you believe that what you’re might miss out on isn’t as important as what you’re doing with your present time.  In my experience, life requires sufficing and sacrificing one happiness for another, and adapting to the new balance of happiness’s.  I just learned that sacrificing or sufficing for a chance to love was my greatest happiness, and once I knew that, the outcomes weren’t as important as taking the risk.

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