Monday, December 21, 2015

Brightly Burnished; a tribute to Sandra Moran, Victor Hurst, and John Hayslip

In the last two months I have grieved the unexpected passing of three legends: Sandra Moran, Victor W. Hurst IV, and John Victor Hayslip.  I have nothing to give that will ease the sudden absence of their presence.  I can offer only words--the words that come back to me as I picture what each of these three stars meant to me--and I hope they bring a spark of comfort to others who, like me, must grieve and continue (because that is what Sandra, Victor and John would have told us to do--with a good grin and two thumbs up).

Brightly Burnished

I was born of fire,
grace and grit.
I lived on fire,
laughing and seeking
and so I shall return
to fire,
burning away
the shackles
of this body
to live luminous
as a star
hot and perpetually bright
in your memories.

I was born of fire,
grace and grit.
I lived on fire,
loving and giving
And so I shall return
to fire,
a threaded star
in the hem of God's robe
of galaxies
on the shoulders of God's body
of universes.

And so you shall ever
know me
as the legacy
I have lived
and always held,
burning bright
as faith and hope,
an acre of stars,
a legacy of fire,
grace and grit
that cannot be

I will keep holding you
in my light,
so that you too,
may live on fire,
seeking and giving,
until you shall return
to fire
and then,
both of us
brightly burnished,
shall warm hearts
together again.

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