Monday, January 25, 2016

Life and other petulant poetics.

Life, you're a bully,
fear mongering my fate.
You kill everyone I know.
Aneurysming aunts and uncles.
Carcinogenizing parents and children.
Even drowning cats and dogs.
And one day, you will kill me too,
before I can even do
half of what I hope to do.

Life, you're a barbarian,
battering to break my heart.
You blemish endings on everything.
Stealing hope and youth.
Fattening flab and absurdities.
Even blinding saints.
And one day, you will break me again,
this time before the tide of my life
can turn waves toward sunnier days.

But, Life, you should know,
you will never, never
conquer me.

I will nurture love
in your most barren expanses.
I will find joy
in your hardest darkness.
I will stand up
in your thinnest of lights.

You will never, never
cause me to surrender
to the evils of hate.

I will live, Life,
while I may
for all I might,
will-o'-wisp bright,
while you bully on.
And so I will win
my will
with you.

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