Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Catch Gratitude and Pay it Forward

I consider myself very lucky in life, and I like to try to find ways to share all that luck.  I've created a charity drive for Amazon reviews of my second novel, Catch to Release.  The book is currently available in all eBook formats and in print from Amazon.

If you've read it, I invite you to submit a star rating and a simple 3 word review on Amazon (e.g. "I loved it!"). If you're one of the first 20 reviews posted between now and August 28th, then I will donate $10 in your name to your favorite charity. Once you've received Amazon's confirmation email for your review just forward that to me at along with your charity choice. I'll send you back a confirmation/ receipt of my donation to your charity. Do $10 worth of good in under 5 minutes by clicking that "Write a Customer Review" button just like Ms. Morrison did on August 21st.

"Ten fingers and two thumbs up. . ." 

By G.L. Morrison on August 21, 2016."Masterfully erotic. The way the guitarist equates her passion for music as like passion for a lover: "all ten fingers intimately involved." Yeah. Um, yeah. Readers are the same putty in the author's hand as fans of the folk singer. Tight, fiercely paced mystery is just the hollow point bullet of a cherry on the literary sundae." 

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