Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Poem about Real Regrets

Not what I failed to achieve, but...
The dappled light in golden shine,
Sweet bird calls wavering on
The hot Spring breathe of Balsam Pine,
The laughter of children ringing
Cool spells casting under ancient oaks,
I missed.

Not what I failed to accomplish, but...
The thousands of silver coin fish,
Shiny scales glinting madly in
The Summer twilight's cooler wish,
Bright joys exploring open water,
I missed.

Not what I failed to fix, but...
The mottled leaves smelling of Earth,
Crunching under feet fixed on path,
And smoking sultry on home's hearth,
The brewing tea and steeping fall,
I missed.

Not what I failed to find, but...
The whole days getting lost,
Giving time and chance to Love,
Happy despite Winter's cost,
Curled beside warmer forms,
I missed.

These regrets are
The real guilt 
#BeMightyWrite and explore.

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