Friday, June 30, 2017


  1. regarding humankind as the central or most important element of existence, especially as opposed to God or animals.

I believed humans were kindest,
able to put others lives before our own.
Until I saw a Mocking Bird attack
a Rattle Snake 
to save a Blue Jay's baby.

I believed humans were most playful,
socially animating objects to share laughs.
Until I saw a Lamb and a Blue Healer 
play Soccer
with a volleyball.

I believed humans were most eloquent,
creating new language to represent ideas.
Until I saw a Gorilla
signing "water-bird"
to explain a Swan.

I believed humans were most creative,
fashioning art and tools that solve problems.
Until I saw an Elephant
use rocks to build a step-stool
for an undersized calf.

I believed humans were wisest,
mindful of goals and masters of plans.
Until I saw Gibbons 
sort cards in patterns
to obtain a prize
and Magpies adapt 
for contingency hints.

I believed humans were most complex,
synthesizing sciences to birth robotics.
Until I saw ancient Aspens
cloning colonies
via Rhizomatic roots and nodes.

I suspect
my Grandparents were correct,
in that all creatures,
great and small,
live of central importance,
if not singular intelligence.

I believe
all molecules matter.
All beings created to function,
qualities always evolving
into more beautiful forms
the universe requires. 
Maybe reptiles write poetry too and we'll learn how to hear it one day.

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