Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blacklight Blackheart

Smartphone DJ in hand
No text can asunder
Her piratical plunder
Of the dancefloor denizens

She is a blacklight blackheart.

Take a spin,
She’ll proctor the gamble,
on her Win-a-Sin
Any deal
Paid in steel
And leather,
Stilettos optional.

She shivers the Timbres,
And rattles the bored.

A blacklight blackheart,
Bearding gigolos
And whatever else goes,
Arrogant alone,
Any braying bark,
Without condone
On a sea of sound.

Her hips a hit-and-run,
Broad side to a full-figure attack.
Her lips a Jolly Roger stun,
The kiss a hempen jig,
On a storm waltzing rig,
That will leave you unstrung.

Be wary, be smirched,
Believe there be treasure,
But be sure you were told.

She is a blacklight blackheart.

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