Sunday, December 21, 2014

This fight isn't fair.

I am David,
      And You, 
The social Goliath.
Our rows
      Shatter bones,
       Batter and break
                                  Hearts and heads.
We accuse,
     Punish and convict
                                         One another in a bath
                                                                                Of All kinds of sins.
But Emotions
                      Are like winds
                                              Without cardinal directions.
You never
   Conquer me.
I never
          Secede you.

We are two waves
                              of the same breeze
                                                             On one sea
In a vast cosmos of larger oceans.

I am David and you are Goliath,
                       Only in an ant’s eyes.
We cannot be distinguished from the skies.
All that you do to me
                                  you do to yourself as well.
We forget
To enjoy
This disappearing
 For all that it is worth
In anger's blackhole flare.
This fight isn’t fair
We are both,
                    Already won,

We cannot diminish
     Either of us,
Only shuffle
     The balance.

Our primal ability to love
Is unimaginable, 
There is
Unquenchable ferocity
In our existence.

This fight isn’t fair
Because there is no contest,
Only contexts shifting like shadows
Beneath a multitude of lights,
Davids and Goliaths
On a grain of sand,
Called earth,
On one vast beach,
Called the Milkyway.
And here
Time is
A tide,
In out in,
And around Again.
We begin,
Before fairness even got started.

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  1. this is great. like if you look at the world from far away you can't tell one person from another so really we are all the same.


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